Delphine Pontvieux

Delphine Pontvieux was born in Versailles and grew up in France. She graduated from the University of Burgundy in Dijon. She also lived, studied and worked in Australia, the USA, Spain and the Netherlands until she moved to Chicago, Illinois, in 1998, where she still lives today. She has 10 years of international sales and promotion experience in the music and entertainment industry.

Delphine loves the mountains (rock climbing, monoskiing) and the seas (boating, waterskiing, wakeboarding, long distance swimming, triathlons). She is a scuba instructor, cave and technical diver, and ocean conservation advocate. As a writer, she regularly contributes to international diving publications and is an event reporter for France-Amerique magazine.

Delphine Pontvieux was the recipient of the "2010 French in Chicago Community Award" Oscar in the category "Arts and Culture" for her novel this summer.

You can also follow Pontvieux's acting career on IMDB.

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