Deanna Ammar

Deanna R. Ammar, wife, mother and pursuer of Spiritual Truth…oh and did I mention tea-partier, writer and lover of family, friends, and nature?

Deanna is a twenty-year student of the spiritual and metaphysical and a Reiki Master teacher. She applied these applications to life after living through dark periods of an ego-driven lifestyle. Raised in a small town in Nevada by a Republican father and a Democratic mother, who were both conservative and cherished the outdoors and spending quality time with their children, Deanna gained a deep respect for nature and her beauty.  A mother of three boys who are grown and with children of their own has taught her through their trials,  tribulations, and adventurous lifestyles that all lives can be turned around by a change of attitude.  She is a political savvy tea-party affiliate that abhors political correctness and jobbery and believes that spiritual values should be applied in all areas of life, including politics.  She currently resides in one of the most resplendent areas of Idaho with her husband,Phillip and dog, Jackson.

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