Daniel Lieberman

Daniel Z. Lieberman is Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at George Washington University. His academic work has appeared in genuinely good psychiatric textbooks and journals.

Dan was born in Buffalo, NY. Later, he went to St. John's College to read the Great Books.

After graduating, Dan was at a loose end. He got a job working on a farm that overlooked the Chesapeake Bay, then traveled to Japan, where he taught English, and read Carl Jung's books. He decided that the human psyche was his calling, so he went to New York University to become a psychiatrist.

One day a fairy tale started knocking around in his head. Dan was busy taking care of patients, so he ignored it. It kept knocking around, and after a while, he decided he'd better sit down and type it out. Soon, Tales from the Palace of the Fairy King was born.

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