Craig Lancaster

Craig Lancaster was born in Lakewood, Washington, on February 9, 1970.

From a young age, his eyes took in two distinct, yet overlapping worlds. During his youth, he spent the school years living in suburban Fort Worth, Texas, with his mother and stepfather. In the summers, he would visit his father, an itinerant worker who moved around throughout the American West. Those years taught Craig how to make connections with all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds, a grounding in human nature and commonality that serves him well in life and in work.

Craig's stepfather, a longtime sportswriter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, played a big part in his gravitation toward journalism, and he has been an editor and writer for more than two decades. In those summers with his father, Craig saw from an early age the struggles of those who live hand to mouth.

Those two worlds — suburban and rural, and all the ways in which they diverge and collide — inform his writing and his worldview.

These days, Craig lives in Billings, Montana, with his wife, Angela, and their two incorrigible dachshunds, Bodie and Zula.

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