Conny Manero

Writing is a passion and an important outlet in my life.  I was born in Belgium, immigrated to South Africa where I lived for fifteen years, before finally settling in Toronto, Canada.  As the saying goes, ‘Life is a journey,’ and I try to use all of my varied experiences and exposure to diverse cultures to enrich my writing. 




Another passion in my life is a deep love of animals.  Mysterious and mystical felines are especially close to my heart, and I use my writing to bring awareness to their issues.  The importance of spaying/neutering and support of animal rescue organizations are causes I champion as often as I can.





My book entitled, Kitten Diaries is now available on-line.  It contains two ‘almost’ true and humorous kitten adventure tales.  Chanel’s Story opens the book and is about my wonderful cat, Chanel, and her version of when I adopted her from an animal shelter.  Queeny’s Diary is little Queeny’s story of when she is left with friends - and a houseful of other cats - while her owners go on vacation.    





My next two projects will be children’s stories with cats and even a ferret as characters, followed by an expose of temporary workers in the workplace.  If you think you know what it means to have a temporary job, think again. 





My son and I live with our five cats and three fish.  When not writing, I enjoy reading and ten-pin bowling.




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