Christine Powter

After almost a lifetime, I can finally say that I would be able to have a book written by me. You might have been wondering who am I? My name is Christine Powter. I am a freelancewriter and an aspiring book author. As a graduate of creative writing, I always make sure that I am writing very well. It is quite true that being an author wouldn't bring you instant fortune but with the right formula and delivery, abything is possible. As a freelance writer, I take academic paper jobs which involves dealing with a lot of essay, thesis and many more. Good I have a lot of time to write on my book. I would opt not to divulge the main cintext of the book I'm writing right now but in time, I probably would.

As of my status, I am currently single. I am really focused on writing a book since it was one of my biggest dream since I was a kid. Just a little bit more time and it would be finished. I hope you would like it though.

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