Christian Schaal

Why do we write?  For some, writing means a source of revenue or fame.  Most however, are filled with words that, once constructed, provide an outlet for a passion and message contained within them.  I write for this reason.


Stories run through me constantly, most with a message I feel for humanity.  In years prior to this book, I have focused my writing, at least my writing for public consumption, on plays designed to move people; to help build them and move them towards their potential.  All of these carry a strong message of encouragement.  One of these plays, “Choose You Must”, is currently a novel in the works.


This book too, is about message.  If you experience a level of entertainment, enjoy.  However, that is not my intent.  Most of the writings placed in this book come from my own lived life.  The balance, are those expressing some of my deep feelings.  All, I hope, will provide you with a sense of message.  What message, I cannot define for you.  We each have our own perspectives and realities, so what you derive from the following pages is yours and yours alone.


My desire and intent in life is to be an uplifting man, and a man of uplifting.  With this book, I have moved closer to being such a man.

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