Bob Roza

Empowering a child is essential to overcoming a bully, and taking back your life. When you empower a person, you give them leverage because you teach them new behaviors. Empowerment means you have the freedom to act. It also means you are accountable for results. Empowerment isn’t magic. It consists of a few simple steps and a LOT of persistence.


When you are empowered, you have integrity. That means you’re honest with yourself and others. Empowerment affects integrity. When you have integrity, you talk the talk, and walk the walk. You match what you do, to what you believe. You have confidence in yourself because you know yourself. Other people have confidence in you because they can depend on you.


Integrity encompasses every part of your life. Building integrity comes slowly and in small steps. Start today to build yourself up. Take control and express yourself in a POSITIVE, STRONG way!  (From The Bully Project: Take Back Your Life)


The Bully Project: Take Back Your Life (A Guide For Teachers And Parents) is a book - program - curriculum about bullying and EMPOWERMENT. Bullying is here to stay, EMPOWERMENT is the way out! Through exercises and readings, Robert provides you with  strategies to tap into your strengths, and combat bullying. The book is geared to students from preschool to high school.


ISBN: 978-0-9961096-0-4 ([url][/url])


Robert Roza is an author, teacher and life coach. As an empowerment specialist, he lectures, coaches  and facilitates workshops. His mission is the          empowerment to ALL people from all walks of life.

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