Bob Rich

Two other books by Bob have won international awards. He writes in several genres: historical fiction, contemporary, science fiction, psychology, and practical self-help. He is also a professional editor, a counselling psychologist, and several other things that are none of your business. His writing showcase is, while his counselling site is

Currently one of the joys of his life is to be a profess-sional grandfather to young people of various ages. Some of them are actually related to him. He has taken root on a magic mountain to such an extent that sometimes he feels inside as if he was a mountain ash tree. Only, this one is impervious to chainsaws.

Bob has made sense of the nasty things in his infancy, childhood and youth by working with people who struggle with their own monsters: depression, anxiety and other ways we make ourselves and each other miserable. He is very good at this, but is a terrible businessman. Unlike his mother, he has a disinclination to turn his skills into money beyond an essential minimum. If you want to know why he is so crazy, read

Bob believes that there are only two kinds of people: conservationists and suicides. Since 1972, he has devoted his life to working for a sustainable future. Find out about his conservation interests at

Also there is his newsletter ‘bobbing around’. This is an e-zine that is controversial, instructive, entertaining, but never boring. Have a look at several years of archives at

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