Barbara Miller

My first memory is at the age of 3 when I entered an orphanage as a ward of the State.  At that time I was the youngest and considered the baby of the place.  I lived there with some of my brothers & sisters from age 3-8.  We even had school right there in the orphanage so we never had to leave, although I dreamed daily of doing so.  My adoptive grandparents used to get me and my brothers and sisters out of the orphanage in the “Friends of the Orphans” program.  When their oldest daughter, who I idolized, got married she and her new husband decided to adopt me.  I was at their wedding and within the year I was living with them.  The adoption was finalized when I was 12.  I have 2 sisters (we’re all 10 years apart) but I’m the only one adopted.  Actually I look very much like my adoptive mom and you’d never guess I was adopted.  It’s all part of God’s great plan, I’m sure.  I don’t feel adopted – this is my family.


When asked by the publisher to distinguish my name from the many other Barbara Ann Miller’s I chose to take my adoptive grandparent’s last name (Bernard) as my middle name for the book to honor them for changing my life with their gift of love.


Directly after high school I started my career in corporate America.  I attended college at night and finally finished my degree at the age of 40.  During a period of time when we lived in a small town in Indiana, my brother, who was adopted around the same time as I was, found me after 25 years of separation.  We had a wonderful reunion.  He lives in California so we’ve only gotten to see each other a few times but we are still in touch.


Since the age of 30 I’ve had many spiritual experiences where God gave me messages.  With each one it became increasingly more important to step out in faith and act or deliver the message with increased risk of judgment by others.  Those experiences prepared me to hear and act on the message I received with this book.

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