Author Kathy And Karen Sills

   Karen and Kathy are identical twins who loves to write and cook.  They were born in Holland Michigan, but was raised in Harrisville Mississippi.  Karen and Kathy are authors of three children's books, and one cookbook.  They mostly write children's books and cookbooks, but they do dabble in poetry.  Someday they hope to write a novel,  Karen is working on one titled: Cemo Buddies, and Kathy is working on one titled: P.S. You're Dead.  Karen and Kathy love to get in the kitchen and create their own recipes.  They are both members of, a site were they share some of their recipes.  Kathy has won two blue ribbons, and Karen is waiting to win some herself.  They love spending time with family, and their four legged dog Molly.  


Book(s) By Author Kathy And Karen Sills

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