Asif Sardar

Asif M Sardar was born in the Punjab in Pakistan, emigrated to England as a small child and grew up in the Midlands in Birmingham. He originally worked as a Medical Research Scientist before cross-training to work as an IT Consultant, initially with the British Ministry of Defence and then the Japanese IT company Fujitsu. He enjoys reading a wide range of contemporary literature, is a keen student of cinema and his favourite directors are Howard Hawks, David Lean and Stanley Kubrick and his favourite actor is Clint Eastwood. Asif enjoys a range of music, both Western & Asian, especially Mohammed Rafi, Mansoor Malangi, Mehdi Hassan, Meatloaf and Paul Simon. An avid football fan, he has supported and followed Leeds United Football Club all his life - "Marching on Together!" His comic heroes are the Marx brothers, especially Groucho, the late Irish comic writer & performer Spike Milligan, and the British comedy group Monty Python. In addition he is also an avid comic book reader and collector with a deep and trivial knowledge of the Marvel universe; he has referenced these influences and interests in his writings. His first book "Colin Thorson Teenage Superhero" was published in April 2012 and he has continued to write books in a variety of genres, usually with a humorous flavour.

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