Ann Stewart

I have been walking with the Lord for thirty years. In that time, during many ups and downs, He has been so very faithful to my family and me.

Having witnessed and been at the receiving end of a number of miracles and healings, the Holy Spirit prompted me - after an exceptionally trying episode where my husband's life was on the line - to share What the Lord Has Done.

I did not know I had Author in me! But I had such an urgency and drive to share the testimonies in order to give God the Glory, that my fingers literally flew over the keyboard. I know it was the precious Holy Spirit.

I love the Lord and hunger for Him more and more each day and thank Him for all that He has brought me through and continues to do in and through me.


Ann, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how long you’ve been writing?


I have walked with the Lord for thirty years, and in that time, He has been a tangible guiding force in the lives of my family and me. We have been at the receiving end of His healings and provision a number of times. Because of this, especially during the past decade, He has shown Himself so powerfully that I knew I HAD to write these experiences down in order to both give glory to God and to encourage many others. I finally set down and set pen to paper about five years ago.


Who has inspired you as an author?


Truly it was the Holy Spirit. I never knew I could write and had never done so before. I just kept getting stronger and stronger promptings that I had to put in writing what the Lord had done. The book practically wrote itself. I could not believe how fast and fluently it flowed forth. That would never have happened if I had forced myself to write something.


Since then I have been writing Christian faith-based inspirational articles to help others in their journey of faith.


What is your favorite book?


The Bible


Do you have a specific place or time that you write?


I When the Lord gives me a Scripture, my favorite place to “listen” to His voice is to go for a walk along the river near my home. I will then type directly on my computer in my office. It may flow fluently or come in bits and drabs sometimes even for days.


Can you please tell us about your book 'With Wings As Eagles' and why you wrote it?


My book is primarily about the trials and pain my husband went through when the medical professionals gave him no hope. It describes the agony and the gradual increase in faith that eventually brought about an unexpected end. I wrote it to describe how to stand firm in faith in the face of hopelessness. It is a powerful testimony, and what Jesus Christ has done for us, He will do for the reader as well.


How and when did you first start marketing your book?


I started marketing my book by writing articles and setting up a web page:  I do need help marketing it better. I still have not written a Press Release.


What authors do you read?


I primarily read Christian books.


What can we expect from you next?


I have no immediate plans to write another book, but am sure that I am to increase my writing inspirational articles.

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