Andy Evans And Vesna Kovac

Andy Evans was born in the gritty coal mining communities of West Yorkshire England.
After leaving school at the age of sixteen he followed the generations of school leavers before him to work in the local coal mines.
Following the demise of the coal mining industry he now works within the Criminal Justice System.
Andy is married with two children and has a granddaughter, Ava. He continues to live in his native West Yorkshire.

Vesna Kovac was born and raised in her native homeland of Bosnia.
Her home town is Novi Travnik. After leaving school she went onto graduate as an engineer at the Military Academy in Zagreb, Croatia and went onto work at the Bratstvo Armaments factory in Novi Travnik.
She remained in Bosnia until the end of the war and now lives in the USA with her husband Tonci and two sons Nino and Tony.

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