Andrew Williams


Born a child prodigy and a rare-gifted genius in 1961, Mr. Andrew Williams has lived a life few others have experienced and survived to talk about.

Already facing prejudice in Lawton, Oklahoma because of the color of his skin and his peculiar abilities as an extremely-gifted genius, young Williams soon began facing death threats and sneak attacks from a secret society that transformed his elementary school into a battleground.

 And it all began at the tender age of five.

 Because of his paranormal abilities, the young Williams began working for secret societies where he trained with others who were also born with paranormal powers to become psychic bodyguards and psychic assassins.

Through his work with these organizations, Mr. Williams saw experiments being done on people and animals; witnessed the torture of other human beings with peculiar abilities and developed an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of these secret societies.

 But even at that young age Mr. Williams didn’t believe in taking another’s person’s life and soon he was in a face-off with one of the agencies who wanted to control him and have him use his abilities to lie, steal and kill.


They assigned armed men in black suits, recruited psychic assassins, and bribed gang members to capture or kill the child.  But Mr. William’s martial art abilities and psychic powers would always manifest themselves to protect him and ensure his continued survival.

Mr. Williams would continue to work as a psychic bodyguard for various agencies within the U.S. government and secular organizations where he protected some of the nation’s elites and their families until he was twenty-two years old.


He then left to live a normal life.

Still his defiance of the secret society may be the reason why Mr. Williams has encountered so much hardship with numerous failed attempts to land a steady job, make a living and live a normal life.

Though, he will not be able to reveal top secrets and classified information, Mr. Williams first published book, A Child’s Stillness, and his subsequent novels will focus on the paranormal, his past experiences and the things he has witnessed as a professional psychic bodyguard.

Raw and real, his books will give a true insight about people with paranormal abilities, secret experiments and other issues the government does not want the public to know.

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