Andrew Gaeddert

Andrew Gaeddert suffered from Crohn’s disease and IBS. His search for therapies to treat his own symptoms led to the discovery of techniques that have made it possible for him to help thousands of other people. Mr. Gaeddert has studied nutrition, herbology, and Chinese medicine with masters of herbal medicine from the United States and China. He has been on the protocol team of several scientific studies sponsored by the NIH Office of Alternative Medicine and the University of California. He has lectured at Columbia University, University of San Francisco, Canadian College of Oriental Medicine, and other colleges across the United States. His students have included medical doctors, acupuncturists, herbalists, and other professionals. Mr. Gaeddert is also the author of Chinese Herbs in the Western Clinic, Healing Digestive Disorders, Healing Skin Disorders, and Healing Immune Disorders. He is the president of Health Concerns in Oakland, California, whose purpose is to help millions of Americans suffering from chronic, stress-related, and immune-compromised conditions.

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