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Aggie’s how-to, The Rewritten Word, held multiple Amazon category bestseller status for over seventeen months (and still holding), and Amazon Categories Create Best Sellers  hit multiple category bestseller three days after release at Kindle. Published at Thomas Nelson before age 30, award-winning author Aggie Villanueva is now a self-published fiction & nonfiction author at Amazon/Kindle with The Rewritten WordRightfully Mine and Amazon Categories Create Best Sellers, all of which reached bestseller in multiple categories shortly after release, and also ranking in multiple categories of Amazon’s Top Rated and Hot New Releases lists. The Rewritten Word won the 2011 Global eBooks award in Writing/Publishing. Aggie foundedPromotion á la Carte, author promotional services July 2010 and 6 months later was voted #2 at Preditors & Editors inPromotion, and #4 in 2011. My Book Marketing Systems is her sister company that save authors $100s - $1,000s, allowing them entry into the author app mobile market of billions. She teaches author promotion across the Web. Villanueva is also an award-winning critically acclaimed photographic artist represented by galleries nationwide, including Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ. Contact Villanueva at


"This book is a little jewel. Aggie Villanueva’s how-to changes your perspective of Amazon from that of an online book store to that of an author publicity machine. like its namesake – is a large, unfathomable, murky river with many secrets and many treasures. This book shines a light on one such secret – using the categories function on Amazon to create best sellers. This little book is essential reading for authors ... even those who hate Amazon!"
Vikram Narayan, CEO

"If your book is listed on Amazon, but you don't know about these hidden features that benefit writers, you're missing out big time. Best-selling author Aggie Villanueva takes you step-by-step through the process of categorizing your book and offers dozens of valuable tips that will help your book reach the top - or at least gain greater visibility. This book is fantastic."
Author/Editor Sigrid Macdonald

“This is an excellent/easy-to-read and easy-to-implement "how to" book. Thank you, Aggie, for being willing to share your knowledge with others and for being such an awesome author. 
VicToria Freudiger, owner Digi-Tall Media & Entry Way Publishing

“If you're a new author or simply wanting to get great, creative and FREE ideas for marketing it on Amazon, you have to read Aggie Villanueva's book, Amazon Categories Create Best Sellers. Her advice is spot on for me, a new author.” 
Cinda Crawford Host Health Matters ShowSee video review 

“Her portrayal of a humanity struggling between safety and destiny is touching, palpable, and memorable. This is easily one of the best biblical novels I’ve ever read.” 
From a review of Rightfully Mine by K.M. Weiland.

“One of my favorite movies of all time is The Ten Commandments. Rightfully Mine is now one of my favorite books.” 
From a review of Rightfully Mine by Cindy Bauer

“…with the economy of words that is the hallmark of a masterful writer. Her characters are full-bodied; her action scenes are tense and exciting; her love scenes are both pure and seductive.” 
From a review of Rightfully Mine by Linda Yezak

“This reviewer liked the book so much that she is buying it as a Christmas gift for a family member.”
**** 4 stars Carol Langstroth, Manager, Mind Fog Reviews

"The Rewritten Word is a brilliant little book! Villanueva tackles the "how-to" subject of writing with concise examples, lessons and exercises designed to help both the novice and established author. The information can be applied to fiction and nonfiction, as well as full length books, articles and essays. This is not a dry read or boring guide. Villanueva entertains while she goes about demonstrating her points. A must for anyone looking to make his or her writing more dynamic."
Review of The Rewritten Word by Darcia Helle

“If you're looking for a book about writing, this isn't the thing for you. If, however, you are looking for a book dedicated to the art of rewriting, then you need to swipe this up right away. Bestselling novelist Aggie Villanueva takes you through five separate lessons that will show you how to rewrite with clarity. By numerous examples she'll teach you how to find the right words that will add punch to your art, no matter the genre. A tiny book that is big on great advice.”
Review of The Rewritten by Cheryl C. Malandrinos

“Villanueva's book does not disappoint....a great reference book to go back to, it will remind writers as to why we do what we do. It's about the ideas, thoughts, and our passion down on paper. It's about going back to the drawing board and to work with what we have. Go pick up this book, my plot bunnies thank Aggie!”
Review of The Rewritten Word by Denise Alicea

“...not everyone reading The Rewritten Word will understand that tightening, coming to concise expressions of your meaning IS poetry, even when used in prose. Aggie Villanueva has made it easier for writers to get where they are going and to be read.”
Review of The Rewritten Word by Georgia Jones

“...she has done a better job than most of the manuals used and I suggested that she begin to market it to public and private schools for any grade level. An author you will want to follow.”
Reader's Favorite review of The Rewritten Word

“Aggie delivers a power-packed small booklet for authors, literary professionals, and even editors to review for their writing or works they are editing. “
Review of The Rewritten Word by Adrienna Turner


 “…Villanueva is one of those rare individuals who uses new technology…to take a digital image to a new and exciting level….With some photographers this digitizing and manipulation are evident and stumbling...not so with Villanueva's work, which is sophisticated and well thought out….She has a knack for transferring her impression of a scene to the viewer that is remarkable and almost magical.
Critically acclaimed in the June 19, 2008 issue of the Rio Grande Sun:Critically acclaimed in the June 19, 2008 issue of the Rio Grande Sun

“She is known as the "Grandma Moses of the American Southwest," and the nickname fits as comfortably as a well-worn pair of jeans. Aggie Villanueva is a self-taught artist, a grandmother and something of a folk hero to anyone who opts to pursue a new vocation later in life. A photographer and writer, she lives in a modest cabin in the New Mexico Mountains and draws inspiration from the dazzling beauty of the Southwest. Her photographs are fantastic, even surreal.”
Thomas B. Harrison, Mobile Register

As Aggie states; The Fairy Trail is real, folks. Welcome To My Path.”

Discover Aggie’s photographic art blog, Aggie Logic  

Aggie’s online studio at Xanadu Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ 

The complete Collection at the Fairy Trails Online Gallery


Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?


I’m an author, fiction and non, an author publicist and photographic artist, living in the remote northern New Mexico mountains at almost 8,000 feet. My first two self-published books, The Rewritten Word and the novel Rightfully Mine: God’s Equal Rights Amendment are still multiple category best sellers at Kindle.


I founded Promotion a la Carte the author’s promotional menu of choice, last July, 2010, and 6 months later writers voted it #2 in the Preditors & Editors Poll. Nanci Arvizu is my Vice President and we love our work helping authors build a following and teaching them more about promoting their books through our blog and radio show.


Describe your book ‘The Rewritten Word: How to Sculpt Literary Art No Matter The Genre’ in 30 words or less. 


It's the only How-to-Write book that has nothing to do with writing. It's all about rewriting. Whittle away what buries the art of your words beneath pulp, no matter the topic, no matter the genre.   


What was the hardest part of writing your book?


I’d have to say defining my rewriting process. I’m no editor or grammar professor, just an everyman writer struggling to improve my own work as best I can.


When I got serious about studying the craft of writing I was shocked by what I didn’t know about polishing my words. Reading books on editing I found them way too lofty, using grammar terms that college level English students would have a hard time following.


So way back then I did exactly what I did with the examples used in this short handbook. I took the sentences and paragraphs that were unclear to me and clarified, simplified, and shortened—I REWROTE them until they made sense to me and eliminated what didn’t relate and, in fact, distracted. A lot of times this meant translating it into words I could understand.


What I didn’t realize way back then was I was teaching myself to rewrite. It was years before I understood my own process, but this is what I did to my own work from that point on. For the book I just had identify my process clearly and break it down into bite size steps.


What books have had the greatest influence on you?


The Beauty and The Beast. Not only did it open my young eyes to looking past the surface in others, but to dive deeper into every area, such as writing and marketing, and as evident in my book, rewriting. That fairy tale is the foundation for probably every phase of my life that pertains to understanding.


Briefly share with us what you do to market your book?


Step by step marketing, each building on and complimenting the last like the gourmet courses in a Roman feast. Then repeat and rinse as needed. 


One of the most important marketing strategies I've learned is that you must offer the reader/customer something of value to them. I used to hate marketing because it involves sales, which seemed sleazy to me. But when I realized I could help others find what they need, marketing took on a whole new meaning to me. Now I see marketing as serving others. If my product won’t serve them, I don’t offer it.

I have learned over the last few years it’s vital to establish an Internet presence. I've done that through my blog teaching author promotion, Promotion a la Carte Blog I have health challenges that prevent me from leaving home often, so I learned the ropes of online publicity.


Social media is my main marketing platform, though I use my blog, guest blogging, teaching gigs at webinars, my BTR radio show Promotion a la Carte Radio, and just anywhere I can land an interview or otherwise get my name/voice out there. It takes a lot of work, but you must establish your web presence.

I use social media constantly, working to expand my presence and credibility. Most of the posts are helpful tips and information for writers, but I slip in info about my products and offerings too, and of course talk personally with my closest 17,000 + friends! chuckling.

Readers like to see and/or hear you too. Include them in who you are, even if you’re doing a tutorial, no matter your genre. I recommend you create audio podcasts, screencasts, digital home videos, and even audio such as this audio clip introducing Rightfully Mine on its blog: You can even create your own trailers when appropriate. Welcome videos are also great tools. And definitely create every tutorial you can devise, such as this one for The Rewritten Word, lets you offer a free sample of your book ( They also offer great widgets of this book sample you can place everywhere; and I do. And it's free. 

Get interviewed and reviewed. When Rightfully Mine hit 10,000 views in two months at the BookBuzzr Blog interviewed me, which led to my regular writing for their marketing blog and participating in their marketing webinars. 

Opportunities are everywhere, and when they’re not, go knocking. Only a few of my online interviews or contributing writer’s jobs approached me. Mostly I contact them and just ask.


How do you spend your time when you are not writing?


Loading up my camera equipment and dogs, a few days’ worth of food and water and heading for my beloved mountains for some blessed alone time. The beauty and remoteness are priceless. It’s where I recharge.


What are you working on next?


My interactive eBook, Amazon Categories Create Best Sellers, will be out within a few months. It teaches writers that is not just the world’s largest bookstore, but that their sales page is shrewdly structured to promote itself continually and on multiple levels, if you work it.


I cover how to utilize the million dollar publicity you get when people purchase your book(s) from Amazon, concentrating on what “Categories” can do for you. Don’t assume categories are just search engine assistants.


I’m excited about this project because the everyman writer like me can now afford this interactive technology. I’m using a great electronic conversion company, Entry Way  Publishing. I’ve created tutorials and introduction videos to be viewed from the pages of the book, there are online interactive pages and bonuses, ongoing contests available only to readers, and much more.


The book will be available as an app for all android devices and the iPad/iPhone, etc,. and of course as a Kindle eBook, and print book too.


Thank you so much for having me today. I’ve so enjoyed talking with you and your readers.


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BIO: A published author at Thomas Nelson before 30, Aggie Villanueva is now a self-published multiple fiction & nonfiction Amazon/Kindle category bestseller, for The Rewritten Word and Rightfully Mine. Aggie founded Promotion á la Carte, author promotional services and 6 months later was voted #2 at Predators & Editors in the Promotion category. She teaches author promotion and rewriting across the Web, and is also a critically acclaimed photographic artist represented by galleries nationwide, including Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ.



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