Vadims Bolotovs

Recently I have graduated from the University of Liverpool with Msc in Management degree with Merit and the University of Manchester with BA Hons Environmental Management, Second Upper Division degree.

At present I am a freelancer and cooperate with different Eastern European and Russian enterprises in various industries, such as construction, retail, industrial production, food manufacturing, logistics, agriculture as well as insurance & banking, and deal in various project management and advancement of corporate portfolio and supply chain management. Usually business interaction takes place between senior and executive management of the companies. Additionally, I am involved in business contracting and document preparation and also that of business negotiations to provide satisfactory outcome for the stakeholders. Moreover, having advanced academic and business English language knowledge as well as being a native speaker of the Russian language, commonly I perform business talks interpretation for clients facing language difficulties. Additionally, I provide academic writing, advice and assistance for students studying in the English language not only in Latvia but also other EU countries in different spheres which are related to business or management. Consequently, I also provide business consultancy and advice for organizational problems solution, strategic operation diversification as well as operational efficiency and financial performance advancement. While contemporary business has no geographical boundaries and in the light of immense international competition, critical decision making process and uncertainty management appear to be among the major determinants of successful business. 

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