Pamela Harju

Pamela Harju is a native Finn, living in County Sligo, Ireland.

In her own words, Pamela types fast and writes slowly. She has varied tastes as a reader, and that carries over to her own writing. She has written romance, mystery, fantasy and contemporary fiction. Her writing is character focused, and her ideas often stem from a character that Pamela then builds her story around. Many of her ideas come from her vivid dreams. 

Besides writing, Pamela's passions in life are dogs and rock music. The latter you will regularly encounter in her writing; dogs, not yet, but stay tuned!

When Pamela is not working, writing, walking or training dogs, gone to a gig or starting said activities all over again, she likes to settle on the couch with a cup of tea and a TV boxset.

Book(s) By Pamela Harju

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