Kris Kyzer

Had he been born 200 years earlier, author Kris Kyzer would likely have amassed an army of merciless mercenaries, taken over a small country, and established his own “Brutus Nation.” There, he would have dispensed all manner of pleasures to his subjects—and all sorts of cruelty to the enemies of his realm. Instead, he has set his sights on world domination via another means: exploring the slime and grime of the foulest, filthiest, most rat-infested warrens the urban jungle has to offer and populating his fiction with ruthless hitmen, debased politicians, predatory moneymen, unhinged kingpins and unscrupulous cops. For Kyzer, Brutus Nation is just the beginning. The beginning of a series. The beginning of a movement. The beginning of an empire. Hail Kyzer!

Book(s) By Kris Kyzer

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