JAnn Bowers

JAnn is Double Decker Books award-winning poet and member of Double Decker Books. JAnn is a regular poet for Double the Books Magazine. KayCee K is her daughter, manager, cover, artist, a graphic artist who is also the Chief of Editor for Double the Books Magazine and owner of Double Decker Books. JAnn was voted poet of the year 2015 & 2016 by Double Decker Books under her previous pen name Jeniann Bowers. JAnn has also had poetry published on the following literacy sites: Micropoetry, Scriggler, High on Poems, and SpillWords.

JAnn enjoys writing poetry for all ages, however, her poetry mostly pertains to love, spiritual, inspirational, and her life issues present and past. JAnn's life has been far from being easy she has been through tragic events and a stressful marriage that has left her body broken down. She is a disabled mom of four who lives each day with chronic pain and mental illness. She turns her experiences and strength into words on the screen hoping to help someone facing the same battles. JAnn has two adult daughters, one adult son and an 11-year-old Autistic son. JAnn is a proud mother and grandmother of two.

JAnn grew up in a small town in Northwestern Montana. JAnn has traveled to 25 different states in the USA plus Canada, and the Yukon. JAnn has a deep love and connection to nature through meditation. JAnn enjoys yoga and listening to the 80's music scene. JAnn is a serious coffee addict and she believes the power of the pen should not be tampered with

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