Ivor Carswell

I was born in Liverpool just before the end of WW2 and spent my childhood in a town just north of thie city. I was lucky enough to receive a good education but English was not one of my strong subjects. I have since made up for my lack of interest in my mother tongue and now find writing a pleasure.

In my adolescence, I knew that I was sexually attracted to both men and women. For a short time I was married and, although it did not work out, the birth of my daughter, was a great joy to me. However I knew that I had to sort out my sexual orientation and not long after my divorce I began to enjoy an openly gay life. Soon after that the desire to have relations with the opposite sex diminshed to nothing.

I had been sceptical back then about whether it was possible for two men to have a meaningful and loving relationship. It did not take me long to realise that it could be so and I very quickly found happiness with a man who has been my lover, friend and comforter for many years.

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