Abandoned Property (The Eviction Chronicles)
Uploaded on: 29th Sep 2013
Dicmatized 2:  Bitter Sweet Revenge (Sexcapdes)
Uploaded on: 28th Sep 2013
Metamorphosis - Zac Tremble Investigates (The Zac Tremble Case Files)
Uploaded on: 28th Sep 2013
Chrysalis - Zac Tremble Investigates (The Zac Tremble Case Files)
Uploaded on: 25th Sep 2013
Domestic Violence The Disease: The Sara Farraday Story
Uploaded on: 17th Sep 2013
Mind Fields
Uploaded on: 9th Sep 2013
Submit to The Dark Side: Stories to Explain the Stains
Uploaded on: 7th Aug 2013
Love, Lust Or Lies
Uploaded on: 15th Jul 2013
Prostate Lessons- The Ultimate Guide to Anal And Prostate Pleasures For Men
Uploaded on: 27th Jun 2013
Loving Leonardo
Uploaded on: 7th Jun 2013
The Children of the Night (The Eye of the Morning)
Uploaded on: 6th Jun 2013
The Haunting of Holden Castle
Uploaded on: 5th Jun 2013
Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure
Uploaded on: 2nd Jun 2013
Baron of Blood (Dawning Era Series) (Volume 1)
Uploaded on: 27th May 2013
Ruler: A Paranormal Erotica Short Story
Uploaded on: 7th May 2013
Absolute Will
Uploaded on: 25th Apr 2013
The View From A Rusty Train Car
Uploaded on: 20th Apr 2013
First Floor Room 16
Uploaded on: 19th Apr 2013
Drain Me Dry (Dead End Streets: Deadly Liaisons)
Uploaded on: 16th Apr 2013
What You Won't Do, Somebody Else Will
Uploaded on: 5th Apr 2013