Tales from China
By Hui Cui
Publisher : Mankind Mind, LLC

We are a world of nearly seven billion people separated by geography, culture and belief, but are we really that different?

The World Favorite Fables series, was created to answer that question by sharing the stories and life-lessons that we pass down to our children, who, in turn, pass down to theirs.  Each book aims to:  


Beautifully written and illustrated fables will delight small children, young readers and parents alike.  Destined to be a favorite, your family will come back to this book again and again.


Experience life lessons as children do from cultures around the world.  Message section is included after every story for parents to discuss with children, or for children to ponder on their own.


It is no secret that adding a second language to your child’s education can generate improvements in standardized test scores, creativity and cognitive abilities.  Reap the benefits while providing an engaging read for children experiencing the second language presented in this book. 


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Hui Cui