How Can You Give Up That Adorable Puppy
Publisher : unlimited publishing
Becky had an illness that changed her life. Needing a project to take her mind off her illness and offer her a chance to perform a community service, she vlunteers to raise puppies that become guide dogs for the sight impaired.
Through her project, Becky learns to deal with her illness and she grows as a person. Her family, working with her and the pups, learn as well and the activity brings the family closer together. 

The Story Behind This Book
my daughter becky was diagnosed with a serious illness that made it difficult for her to participate in most school activities. in seeeking an activity she could do, we decided to raise a puppy for the Seeing Eyue guide dog program.


ray rebman
author of How Can You Give Up That Adorable Puppy about a family's experiences raising puppies to become guide dogs