Bristol Lives: Past and Present
Publisher : SilverWood Books

Bristol has plenty to be proud of when it comes to famous people. Some were born in the city while others were drawn to it by its colourful heritage, adventurous spirit and vibrant atmosphere of culture and enterprise. A few names, like that of the explorer John Cabot, have been woven into the fabric of the city's heritage. However, other people who helped to shape today's rich environment are hardly remembered.

Within the pages of this book you'll meet the priest they called the 'Red Bishop'… the princess that never was… the inventor of a so-called 'thrashing machine' for errant schoolchildren… and the dog that became an advertising icon.

The Story Behind This Book
Since schooldays Maurice Fells has been fascinated by Bristol's rich and colourful history. Bristol Lives is his seventh book about his native city. His local knowledge has been drawn upon by other authors to support their work.


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