Seasons of Love  & A'More

Seasons of Love & A'More
Publisher : Publisher America

These 2  books are all about love as told through poetry..its ups, its downs, its thrills, and often its pain.  Yet still the quest in everyone's soul is to find love, for when we do, we discover that love is worth everything !

The Story Behind This Book
I was inspired by my own life and the lives of others and family members. Evereyone has taken a ride on the roller coaster of love, these books of poetry speak of Love in detail !

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Praise and Reviews
People who have bought and read my books( not just family members) have said that it speaks to them about different stages in their lives , and how love can change, while others still seeking love said it gives them hope.

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Janet Fears
I am an author, poet, playright, and I also write Blackfolklore.  I have two poetry books out on the market. Seasons of Love  & A'More