Super Born - Seduction of Being
Publisher : Harper Landmark Books

“A world where women have super powers and all the men her age seemed like children, it didn’t sound so farfetched to me.  In fact, I felt the world was always that way.” thought the B.I.B. as she contemplated the changes in her life.

The 33 year old average single mom in Scranton Pennsylvania suddenly finds her life turned complex; a unique combination of dream like amazement and nightmarish dangers. Her simple “real”  life of raising her daughter and making ends meet, suddenly needs to co-exist with her rapidly changing life of fascinating powers; freedoms that liberate her from the concerns of Man. To be “real” and to have super powers causes a Clash, a conflict within herself,   leaving her to wonder who she is.  She’s definitely not a kid’s Super Hero, she’s a real woman with real life concerns and desires.


Keith Kornell
Writing has always been a passion of Keith Kornell, author of Super Born. He has been writing since he was a twelve year old boy writing Secret Agent short stories in his room,  More...