Publisher : mahaveer, delhi

A fanatically devoted father, a headstrong daughter and a devious rake find their ways into the world of an arranged sham. But Ria was impulsive and Arman equally hated being tied to a girl he had never seen before. Ria was determined to give a fight till the end and Arman, forced by his instincts could not help but want her, despite her tainted past.

 Could Arman convince her that he was the one for Ria? 


The Story Behind This Book
I had always wanted to write romances. The day when i met my idea of a perfect man, i realized how different it was to be in love and to stay in love...with every high and lows of my life, i penned down whatever made me feel best... The story is just fiction but the feelings are true, real and very close to my heart.

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sonia kundra singh
Sonia Kundra Singh is born in India and hails from Hyderabad, a city that nurtured the writer in her. She has a Masters in English Literature from EFLU, a premiere University in In More...