Publisher : Synergebooks
When Taralyn, a telepath, flees persecution on Earth, she is pursued by Asher, an Enforcer of the dreaded psychic police force. Asher hunts fugitive mindbenders with an enthusiasm usually reserved for mass murderers. As Taralyn searches the galaxy for sanctuary, a bond grows between her and her hunter. But is it love that draws her to him, or mind-control?


The Story Behind This Book
One day as I read a bedtime story to my granddaughter, she asked why stepmothers were always evil. I told her that some stepmothers were kind and loving, but she wouldn't believe me because "Disney stepmothers were always mean." That conversation gave birth to Taralyn, an adoptive mother who goes to great lengths to protect a child not her own. The story is about love on many levels. I hope you enjoy it.


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