Ski Mask Way 2
Publisher : A New Quality Publishing

The saga continues…After being shot down and losing his entire team there is only one thing on Ski’s mind… Revenge!


Tiesha is fresh home from prison after doing a bid for Ski and is down for whatever. With her new-found love Ranisha, one of Brooklyn’s finest and most grimiest, Ski believes they could very well be the missing pieces to take him to the next level.


When the trio links up, money starts to flow in abundance and new foes get made.

Ski is now faced with the challenge of deciphering which one of his enemies are responsible for what has been happening around him.


Will Ski’s past enemies bring him down? Or will his new acquaintances be his downfall?


Ski Mask Way 2 is filled to the brim with excitement and is a page turner that’ll keep you guessing and wanting more.


Randy Ski Thompson
Randy Ski Thompson is the author of The Ski Mask Way I & II. He is also a contributing author to the anthology The Massacre due with authors J.M. Benjamin, K'Wan, J-Rod Nider a More...