Forex Frontiers "The Essentials of Currency Trading"
Publisher : Merritt House Publishing Inc.
Once the domain of professional traders, the world of the Foreign Exchange Market has opened up to the rest of the world in recent years, with dynamic results. On any given day, an estimated $2 to $4 trillion (U.S.) worth of foreign currencies are traded back and forth on the Forex, the globe’s largest financial market. Thanks to the Internet, anyone can now trade on the Forex market.

 Call it what you like – Forex, Foreign Exchange, Spot Forex, FX, or just Currency Trading – the Forex is about three times larger than all of the U.S. Equity and Treasury markets combined. No wonder it has become one of the world’s most talked-about financial markets!

The Story Behind This Book
If your looking to break even in the world of Forex Exchange or stocks, move on and by another book. I designed this to equip you with trade tools that create profit. Ivan Cavric, Author Forex Frontiers "The Essentials of Currencey Trading"

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