Behold! Lend me your ear!

The Coffin Cats have risen from their

graves,their bones have mended,and their flesh has stitched together like cloth.

They have come back for all that have enslaved their clan and have

engaged their allies into the talk of war.

Foolish men of Pera! You walk in drunkenness- a war approaches

and yet you are asleep at your post! Arise I say! Arise, for three are

born to the royal bloodline to seek out the destroyers of their

people. Arise men of Pera! Your blood will be shed if you don't heed

my warning!


The Story Behind This Book
Series Base on humanity and the bond that we have with animals


Dr Olivia Pooh
Lost Manuscripts, We are seeking out agents and Publishing world. We have gotten lots of Support and appericiate all whom has help..