La Chanson D' Amour
Publisher : CreateSpace
This Book is in English entitled "Love Songs" The title is French in origin and it is a collection of Love Sonnets from the heart of the Author himself. Inspired by his wife, it is a book for the romantic who loves to be loved and who is seeking to express there thoughts to someone they love and hold dear to there heart. This book is to help pursue that dream you could not find the words of expression for. A book dedicated to that gentle, passionite, loving soul who has the the true gift to bestow his love for someone. May this book give guidance in pursuing the right words which you feel. This book is perfect for a Valentines Day, Christmas or even New Years present.


The Story Behind This Book
What is in reality love? Indeed the story behind love is its passions and romance. But what else? Lust? Indeed it is. It is Possesion and Obsession ever so clear.


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