The Story Behind This Book
Related to the time I had while serving my country. I had a hard time in Basic Training. It was hard being a soldier and being a Christian. I felt like I was treated wrong while serving my country. I felt like I lost a lot while serving my country. Things that happened to me I clang to like cotton clings to cloths. I liked to write things so that is how it became a book. Being a soldier has lead my to a different life. I am a Christian. I spend my time trying to forget the things that happened to me. I hated the Army. I don't understand how can I hate a whole organization. So I decided to write. This was also a project from my psychologist to write when I need to talk about it. So that is what I did. Honestly it is a whole lot more that will go with this. I just wanted to keep it interesting by writing in parts instead of one big boring book.

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April Washington
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