It was Veronica's responsibility to marry as her family wished, but she never lost hope of finding her childhood love.

Determined to escape her family's plan for her, Veronica searches for her childhood love, who she is convinced will marry her if given the chance.

Arrogant Yankee Brad Williams, however, waylays Veronica's plans as she begins to realize her growing, unexplainable attraction to him.


Praise and Reviews
I couldn't stop reading this book once I began, I stayed up till 3 am this morning until I had read the last word.

When I was first introduced to Veronica's character, I thought of her as spoiled, however as I began to become more acquainted with her, I felt a strong need for her to find her beloved Jack. Without Jack, she was destined to live an unhappy life with a man who would isolate her from her friends, and even the intriguing Brad Williams.

This novel is full of suspense, humor, and romance. I recommend this novel to anyone who wants to dive into the life of a young woman on the search for her childhood love.


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