Daddy's Sex Chronicles- Volume I (Remastered Version)
Publisher : Jay's Administration
Marvin recently cancelled his Comcast Cable subscription and jumped on board with Direct-TV. Unfortunately for Marvin, his television services are being installed on a day that he's swamped with work at his office, leaving his sexy voluptuous girlfriend, Tia, home alone with the technician. While Marvin's at work, will Tia remain faithful and keep things on a professional level, or, will she allow the technician to insert more than just cable wires in her anatomy?

Plus, it's a wet and wild sexual experience you don't want to miss when, Tracy, ditches her boyfriend, Shawn, to spend a red-hot raunchy evening with Shawn's son, Anthony, in a bubble bath scene that you'll have to read to believe!

Read these two stories in their entirety, along with ten other sensual arousing stories in, "Daddy's Sex Chronicles- Volume One." Join Jerome Staten now on Facebook.


The Story Behind This Book
Daddy's Sex Chronicles- Volume I, is a late night treat, designed to arouse the mature minded adult into a sensual frenzy. Within these elements, it's a very thin line between aggressive sexually facts being fulfilled and down right naughty fiction on display. Can you distinguish the difference?


jay staten
Author/Publisher/Producer, of erotica titles such as, "Burning Bridges" (The Novel) and "Daddy's Sex Chronicles- Volume I & II" (The Novels and DVD's).
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