Newly translated from the popular Spanish edition, Memory in the Cells is where the works of Eckhart Tolle meet What the Bleep Do We Know?, taking you on a much more practical journey of healing and discovery. While those books tell you the "what", Memory in the Cells teaches you the "how" of working with the "Pain Body" so you can transform it into the "Joy Body," using step-by-step lessons and exercises.
It is a book of emotional education and healing, where readers learn what being in a body actually IS, how to create an active partnership between mind, body and emotions, and how to heal all aspects of their lives, from physical health, to relationships, to inner peace. Itbecame an international #1 bestseller as soon as it was released on October 5th 2010.


The Story Behind This Book
Luis Angel Diaz, is arguably one of the world's foremost authorities on emotional healing. He has been a holistic health practitioner since his early 20s. He began his studies in his homeland of Argentina where he earned degrees in traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbology and shiatsu. Eager to gain new knowledge and skills, he acquired certifications in homeopathy, hypnotherapy, Touch for Health, specialized kinesiology, NLP, EFT, reflexology and many others. He has worked with thousands of clients and has operated three successful practices, both in Argentina, and California. A major shift occurred in his practice and approach after losing his wife unexpectedly at the age of 38, with whom he was raising their 3 children. The shock and pain he experienced became a catalyst for a profound inner process in human discovery. He discovered that layers of negative emotional charge accumulate and are stored inside our bodies, causing many body-mind chemical imbalances and health/life challenges, and prevent us from experiencing peace and wellbeing. After several months of personal discovery, Luis began to apply this new approach with his clients. He observed his clients experience healing in a permanent way when they were able to transform these layers of emotional charge found in what he began to call “the cellular memory”. Luis named this new set of techniques “Cellular Memory Release” (CMR) and formulated it into a simple, easy to learn synthesis for training others. Operating from his Body-Mind Center in Nevada City, California, Luis has trained and educated hundreds of people in CMR since 1997, and both and clients and practicing professionals have attested to the positive impact CMR has had upon their lives and the lives of others.

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Memory in the Cells is a practical guide through the emotional minefield we humans typically construct in our minds through our limiting beliefs. The book is an accessible and pleasant blend of soft compassion, practical exercises, and logical reasoning that invites us to dive into that minefield, so we can understand and embrace our emotions--even the painful ones--and move from a place of suffering to the experience of true joy. The author's personal life story of how he came to discover this process is poignant, and it is truly evident throughout the book that his sincerity and passion is driven by his genuine desire to help people have happier and more liberated lives.  
Memory in the Cells teaches "emotional education" and shows the reader how to transform the "pain body" into the "joy body", helping to heal all aspects of their lives.

In reading Luis's book I discovered a fascinating story and a passion of the author to make a difference in the world. Luis is an inspirational change agent. Memory in the Cells is a clear, practical, authentically guide to releasing the memories of the past and reclaiming our joy bodies. There are practical tools that you can use to release the pain and memories that hold you back. Luis says we all need more emotional education to transform out lives and regain the joy. This book shows you the way. Suzie Cheel

Luis Angel Diaz has written a jewel of a book -- easy to read, understand and follow the path -- though following the path into emotions that people have been instinctively avoiding for their entire life is not easy. While healing is about "adding energy" and feeling better (which is very nice), transformation is about using old stuck emotion to clear out unloving beliefs. When you transform things, your instinctive reaction patterns change, and the particular issues don't continue to show up in your life. Diaz is right on target with talking about the difference, and about the value of each. Our world will become a safer, more loving place when more people choose the route of transformation -- and Diaz has made a huge contribution to that awareness.  Rochele HC Hirsch

Luis Angel Diaz' book, Memory in the Cells is absolutely brilliant! The explanations, exercises, examples of what pain is, the pain body and the categories of such, relay that healing is not hopeless for you, not out of your reach. If you are willing to go through releasing the resistance and releasing the alignment with the discomfort (pain) as yours, then you are on the way to BE-ing as you desire to be. Luis has put such love, devotion and caring in this book for everyone who is calling out from within to be healed. We all want to be healthy but sometimes we do not realize we hold our own healing power within us to be so. We sometimes forget and Luis is here to remind us of our powerful, loving and hidden power.

Daya Devi-Doolin
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Luis Angel Diaz, is arguably one of the world's foremost authorities on emotional healing. He has been a holistic health practitioner since his early 20s. He began his studies in h More...