Dangerous Curves
Publisher : Black Cat Press

Selena Russo has won the coveted spot as a full-figured spokesmodel for the Rubenesque Romantix clothing line in Paris. When Selena starts getting hate mail, she ignores the warnings—models aren't known for their congeniality when they lose a big modeling gig. Especially a three-year, multimillion-dollar contract in the biggest ad campaign ever for curvy women.

Logan's a recent ex-Navy SEAL with a war injury, and his ex CO asks him to protect Selena while assuming the role of her photographer. When the death threats heat up with a dead pooch and bullets flying, Logan focuses hard on the sensual, violet-eyed beauty. It's Logan's pleasure to cover the body of a seductive, curvy, temptress, both in and out of the bedroom as their romance burns up the sheets.

The Story Behind This Book
As an author I like variety in a romance novel. Whether the hero is disabled or the heroine is a curvy full-figured model, everyone should have a wonderful romance. I really enjoy three-dimensional characters and think that romance readers will really love Selena and Logan.

Praise and Reviews

The Romance Reviews
5 Stars

Edge of your seat action, European high fashion, and all kinds of seriously steamy luvin'. When you sit down don't plan on getting back up, it's going to be a wild ride you won't want to miss.

I loved that the story was about a confident rubenesque woman who held the world in her hand. I can't think of another story about a larger size woman where the woman never worried about getting naked in front of a lover or the few extra pounds she carried. How totally refreshing! Thank you, Cherie De Sues, for finding another way to give Selena a real sense of flawed humanity without it having to be about her weight or shape for the whole book. 

This one is for everyone out there who loves a kick-ass heroine who sports stiletto shoes, not stiletto knives, and who is more comfortable with the shooting of a camera than a gun. Both deserve the alpha man in the end, this one deserves the picket fence, too. Enjoy!" 


5 Flowers

"A wonderfully entertaining and fresh suspenseful romance that I know any romance fan will love to read, your heart will be happy you did.  At times gripping and heartbreaking you won't be able to put it down."


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