Future Bristol
Publisher : Swimming Kangaroo Books
This Is Future Bristol, where

A young engineer must try to avert a nightmare future • Activists and hackers take nanotech and recycling slightly too far • 
The city fights back against a tidal wave of crime •  A new drug and riots spark an unexpected renewal • Present meets
future as urban explorers encounter unforeseen hazards •  Pirates and ruthless executives battle for supremacy above
the sunken streets •  Humanity's heirs cling onto survival in a world of toxic waste • The last living human must make an
agonizing choice •
A broken child may change the world.

Nine short stories by leading authors including Liz Williams, Gareth L Powell, Stephanie Burgis, and others.

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Colin Harvey
I'm the author of four novels and editor of two anthologies, all published by Swimming Kangaroo Books. My latest book is the anthology Future Bristol.

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