Crowning of the Good King by A. Jarrell Hayes
Publisher : Hidden Clearing Books LLC
The Good King Saga: Book 1

Edgar Winefellow is your simple farm boy: except for the fact that his village is destroyed in an attack by the Dark Lord Roven. Edgar's anger fuels him on a quest of vengeance, embarked upon along with his three childhood friends and a mysterious wizard. His simple mission for revenge quickly becomes a struggle to rescue the world from the grips of the corrupt Wizards' Elect.

The Story Behind This Book
This is a revised and updated edition of my debut novel. This is the first time the title has been made available as an eBook.

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A. Jarrell Hayes
A. Jarrell Hayes is a fiction writer, award-winning poet, and publisher. His writing has appeared in over 20 publications online and in print. He is the founder of Hidden Clearing  More...