Searching for a Perfect State of Colorado: My Enlightening Experience Crossing the Weminuche Wilderness Area
Publisher : Bauu Press

In his book, Searching for a Perfect State of Colorado, author William Hood takes us along on his own harrowing journey as he attempts to cross the Weminuche Wilderness Area, by himself, in September of 2002. He would complete this one hundred mile trek in just nine days as backpacking across the San Juan mountains transcends from a physical challenge, to a mental test, to ultimately a spiritual enlightenment.

In his travels, Hood explores Colorado's varied history, as he relates his own personal experiences to the State's. He weaves an enriching yet comical story for the reader as he encounters guardian angels, an abundance of wildlife, and evil weather. His journey would continue after his hike as Bill searches in his mind for solutions to the environmental, social and political issues facing Colorado in the 21st century.

After returning home to the Front Range from his wilderness experience, Hood finds new enlightenment to be a dysfunction, as greater challenges, like changing careers in his forties, takes his journey back to the desperation he experienced while in the wilderness. Once again, he finds inner strength through his faith and his sense of humor; to strive toward the person he had envisioned becoming.

Searching for a Searching for a Perfect State of Colorado,encourages each of us to find our own perfect state we had in mind.


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