The Quotable Film Critic - Bad Movie Reviews Vol One 2000-2010
Publisher : Blue Eyed Books
A comical yet cut-throat collection of cinematic criticism covering actors, directors, producers, screenwriters and films
... Hollywood blockbusters, rom-coms, chick flicks, horror, musicals, children's, independent, art-house, animation.

A comical yet cut-throat collection of the 'best' worst movie reviews that make up the most cutting cinematic criticism of the last decade.

Over 2000 quotes cover Actors (from Jessica Alba to Renee Zellweger), Directors & Producers (from Woody Allen to David Zucker) and over 550 film titles (from Avatar to Zoolander).

The Story Behind This Book
Having published books of best-selling poisonous quotes (celebrity criticism and insults) for Guiinness Books and McGraw Hill in the USA, author Colin M Jarman has updated the format and published his own brand of quotation themed title. The Quotable Film Critic feature 2000 of the best 'bad' movie reviews of the 21st Century. Four further volumes are planned for the predecing decades that provided an eqaully vitriolic and venomous volley of invective.


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