Publisher : Pfoxmoor Publishing

Jake has a secret hidden in his bedroom, under the carpet.  It is a game that every child knows and plays.  But for Jake, there is one small difference.  This game takes him to strange and wonderful worlds.  He calls it hopscotch and it helps him find missing people.  It helped him find Jenny.


Jake is a wizard but he doesn’t have a clue.   


But that’s not all; Jake has yet another secret, hidden away in the attic. It’s an accident, a strange object from another world. Jake has forgotten about this secret, but that’s all about to change. Because this secret is about to hatch!


Jenny doesn’t think Jake is weird - she likes weird. Princess Esmeralda of Salice thinks Jake should repay past mistakes.  Evil wizards, kingdoms at war, chases, rescues, an offer he can’t refuse …


Jake is a wizard and his life is about to get interesting.

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John Booth
John Booth does not live in Wales and is not a wizard.  However, he has always wanted to own a dragon and once owned a green lizard that taught him a lot about the attitude a drag More...
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