Little Acts of Grace
Publisher : Our Sunday Visitor
God wants to know that we love HIm.  So how do we show our love to God?  In lots of little ways:  By visiting the church, even when it is not Sunday.  By bowing your head when you hear the name of Jesus.  By making the sign of the Cross.
These are the little acts we do as Catholics, but often forget to explain to our children why we do them.  These little acts of grace help us and keep our minds and hearts focused on God.  But most of all, they let Him know just how much we love Him every day.!

The Story Behind This Book
This was our first book, and was born of a discussion Rosemarie and I had about the beautiful little things we do as Catholics. We wanted to spend time catechizing children on why we do these little things.


Donna Piscitelli
I am married to a wonderful man and have 4 children and 10 grandchildren.  I write children's books to catechize the little ones.