In this imaginative and sweeping adventure by author Paula Kalamaras, the land of Dal Ryeas is an infinite distance from 21st century Earth, and yet an arcane pathway makes getting there possible.

As civil war looms across Dal Ryeas, and the world can barely maintain its fragile peace, Mark and Lisa Harrison are swept up in a maelstrom and forced along a dark course. Their sister Diana, along with their mysterious guardians, Lauren and Ric, set out on their own journey to rescue Mark and Lisa from danger. Once on Dal Ryeas, they find King Tarq and his enchantress Carr on the verge of battle with their relentless foes, Princess Killia and the sorcerer Sindelar, for the fate of the world.

Does the Harrisons’ arrival tip the balance in Dal Ryeas? Can the exiles return to their torn land and recapture everything they've lost? Only time and the powerful “Tal” will reveal the secrets of the Exiles of Dal Ryeas.

The Story Behind This Book
I had a dream one night about a magical stone called a "Tal", with a strange and incredible power, which was fought over by several gods. When I woke up, the dream still stayed with me, and I began to write. :-)

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Paula Kalamaras
Paula Kalamaras has been writing for many years with writing partner Paul Kraly. She is a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University and has a master’s degree from the Univ More...