Hawaii: From Origins To The End Of Monarchy
Publisher : Brien Foerster
The history of the Hawaiian Islands is much more ancient than most people believe. This insightful paperback explains where the Hawaiians came from, their ways of life, and how their monarchy was removed from power, resulting in becoming the 50th state of the USA.


The Story Behind This Book
I wrote this book as well as my first book "A Brief History Of The Incas: From Rise Through Reign To Ruin" because I could never find a nice and concise book about the subject! The history of Hawaii is much older and far more interesting than most people think. Did they originate in Tahiti 2,000 years ago, or is the story much more elaborate and intriguing than that? Did this chain of islands and her people choose to become part of the United States, or were they forced? This book answers these questions and much more in plain and readable language.


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Brien Foerster
I was born in Minnesota, U.S.A. and raised on the west coast of Canada. There I fell in love with the oral traditions and art of the Haida people. I began carving at the age of 12, More...