YES! You're Published - Overcome Detour & Distraction When You Take Control Of Your Inner Scribe Using These 26 Positive Actions

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Jennifer Darden
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All artist, all the time in talent and temperament. I live happily, and predominantly out of my right brain. Whether I'm creating a pictorial, textual, or edible canvas, it starts with an idea and the freedom to explore where intuitive expression will  More...


Detour and distraction can attack from many angles.
empowers you to master behavioral tactics so you're able to conquer it once and for all! Commit to completing the three exercises at the end of each chapter and by day 26, or before, you will be traveling the path of an accomplished writer. Internalizing these positive habits will ensure that you stay focused and continue to build momentum and a loyal audience for your work!

You walk in the bookstore and come face-to-face with writers who have claimed their published piece of prime real estate. You spot a customer in the suspense section selecting her favorite thriller. You secretly imagine her reading and reviewing your best seller, while sipping and staring over the rim of your coffee mug. She cradles your masterpiece, while continuing to browse, a good sign - she thinks it sounds so good she doesn't want to risk all the copies being scooped up and sold out! Finally, after reading three more covers, she heads off to the checkout with yours! You set your coffee on the table and get back to work on your current manuscript..... YES! You're Published is for all of my fellow writers out there who juggle family, work, friends, activities, and cannot seem to find the time to accomplish the best selling scribe career you desire and deserve. It's never too late to overcome the detour and distraction of life and get back on track. So if you find yourself visualizing scenes starring you enjoying your ultimate life, but aren't sure what steps will launch you in the right direction, this book was penned from me to you!