Africa Your Son Is In Trouble
Publisher : RMA Associates


Look at yourself in the mirror; what do you see, a reflection or what? Each time I look at the mirror, I never see myself but nations, futures and tomorrow, and each time I tell myself 'if I die today without fulfilling the grace and destiny upon my life' all those nations and futures are gone.


I remembered one day as I was traveling back to school, we saw the scene of an accident and everybody was crying, I saw how they loaded the dead bodies into a wagon but guess what, that didn’t moved me, but after everything had died down a thought struck me, something told me that nations, destinies, futures, kings, lords, pastors, revolutionaries, teachers etc had just been wasted with no remedy, I started crying asking how can we gain these lost souls, asking what if the president or the revolutionary that my country is waiting for is one of the dead souls or if one of them is destined to give birth to the hope we are waiting for?

I looked into the world, trying to feel the pains of men, trying to look for a way out, trying to put myself in their shoes but each time I found myself putting these words down to tell how men had suffered, to tell those suffering that there is a way out, to motivate, to comfort, to rebuke, to extend hands of love, to tell men that there lives a God that can help in times of storms and to let them know that they are nations, they carry destiny, and most importantly they are the temple of God.

This is my genesis, I know you will be blessed, enlightened reading.  Lebile

The Story Behind This Book
SOCIOLOGY Jos is a city in Nigeria’s middle belt and is the administrative capitol of Plateau State. It lies 9°56′N 8°53′E / 9.933°N 8.883°E. It sits high on the Jos Plateau. During British colonial rule it was an important centre for tin mining. In recent years it has suffered violent religious clashes between its Muslim and Christian populations in 2001, 2008, and 2010. (Wikipedia) Soweto is an urban area of the city of Johannesburg, South Africa bordering the city's mining belt in the south. Its name, an English syllabic abbreviation for South Western Townships, refers to its origins as a Black township under South Africa's Apartheid government. The population has historically been overwhelmingly Black and some of the watershed events in the struggle against Apartheid occurred in the township.


Lebile Melt Tosin
THE AUTHOR Lebile Melt Tosin is an undergraduate university student in Nigeria.  His words come from his heart.  Lebile speaks at many secondary schools and youth organizations  More...