Outsmart the Unexpected: Grow Your Creativity the Edge-of-Your-Seat Way

Outsmart the Unexpected: Grow Your Creativity the Edge-of-Your-Seat Way

ABOUT Regina Pacelli

Regina Pacelli
Regina Pacelli works as an applications project manager, designing and implementing computer applications. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a Master's degree in Public Administration - Operations Management.


Get Better At Outsmarting the Unexpected by Sharpening Your Ability to Think on Your Feet.

Outsmart the Unexpected is a collection of challenging and unusual dilemmas in story form that need solving. It's up to you to figure a way out of the fix the central character ultimately finds themselves in. How will things end - Happily? In a twist? In more of a muddle? Use them to sharpen your ability to find creative solutions to sudden predicaments. Use them to develop your creativity, strengthen your ability to think on your feet, and make decisions that will be successful.

In the course of life, problems may suddenly arise and they may sometimes be things you've never dealt with before. So your mental filing cabinet of experiences and skills can only partially assist in coming up with a solution. The predicaments presented in this collection are situations that most people have probably never encountered before and never will (hopefully). The rationale for this is that you'll need to work the problem and tap into your creativity in order to find a solution. You won't just being able to draw upon your expertise and remembered experiences.

In some, you may need to suspend your disbelief to play along. Some will make your head spin. Others may make your heart pound. Still others will make you go hmmm. But, all will get your brain stretching and help you grow your creativity and problem-solving prowess.

Try your hand at inventing different endings and discussing and debating the possible solutions or interesting outcomes that you came up with for these suspense-filled, no-time-to-lose, minimal information dilemmas. Do you think that the best solutions come from asking the right questions? Get your brain humming thinking up what those questions would be. Do you enjoy dreaming up your own endings? Let your imagination run wild. Dive in and bring your creative side with you!

Some REVIEW SNIPPETS from Amazon and Goodreads

"... fun activity for an evening home with friends (game night for critical thinkers). You can read the book out loud and discuss the possible outcomes. It is interesting to see what conclusion other people draw and their reasoning. The discussions can lead to some very stimulating conversations and your friends may even surprise you with the conclusions they draw. You may even gain some new insights into your own creativity and critical thinking skills."

"... Yes, you have a chance to make your own happy ending, be your own hero and stretch your brain with the various scenarios in this quirky little book. Not a parlor game but then again it would really enliven any party as several short problematic scenarios are presented. You are asked to solve them. I took this to my office and we spent several lunch hours going over the possibilities. It is really fascinating to see others flex their comfort zones to come up with answers using creative problem solving skills. There are no right answers. You are on your own to work with the facts presented. Not just fun or thought provoking, it leaves you wanting to go through the entire book. Meanwhile you are using your creativity, decision making chops and critical thinking skills to solve problems you hope you never encounter."

"I did find myself stretched as I tried to figure out, not how to "fix" the person who got into the predicament, but rather how to resolve it with their limited personality and/or skills. It helped me to envision the kinds of situations certain behavior generates, and to understand what being in their skins involve. I also enjoyed it on the storytelling level, asking myself what the likely response could be to the scenario, and creating an ending that matched the beginning. This is an unusual and unexpected book, and I have spent close to three weeks working through the stories, sorting out what would be done... I have grown through perusing this book, and suggest it as an opportunity for you to grow as well. Well, not just grow - you can stop yelling at the characters and actually tell them what to do. : Four stars and recommended for a fun experience!"

"... part of the joy of Pacelli's book is that there often isn't enough information [as in life] to reach a solution. And, there are no "rules" - you're on your own ... pick up this challenging little book and try a few of the exercises yourself. You may get addicted too."

"It is almost impossible to rate this book because there is nothing to compare it with that I know of. It is sui generis ... It would make a good game at a party, where selected vignettes were read aloud and attendees would have to solve what to do. I could also see this as a good book for a writing class, asking students to complete the stories "

"...would make great material for a book club discussion or a terrific teaching aid for a writing class, similar to books like The Artists Way which asks the reader to build a story around an ordinary object randomly placed. It can make for some very active discussions without any repercussions for making the "wrong" decision. We've all heard that keeping the mind active and exercised will help keep it healthy so if you're looking for something besides crossword puzzles and Sudoku, Outsmart the Unexpected is a good tool to add to your repertoire."